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Areola Repigmentation - Starting At $295 (per side)

If you’d like to look fabulous 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without the hassle of daily makeup application with permanent eyebrows, permanent eyeliner, and permanent lip makeup, then our Full Face Permanent Makeup service is your best bet!

Areola Repigmentation restores an areola to a more natural-looking color and shape.

Aerola Repigmentation can help you:

• after mastectomy
• after radiation treatment
• if you have Vitaligo
• if you need cosmetic balancing of areola color and size
• if you need cosmetic enlargement for aesthetic purposes
• or aesthetic blending breast scars after surgery.

Permanent Areola Repigmentation technique creates an areola after breast reconstruction, it minimizes the appearance of scars, and/or restores an areola to a more natural looking color and shape.

Areola Repigmentation may also be called Areola Tattooing, Areola Micropigmentation, Areola Pigmentation, Areola Recoloring, Areola Restoration, or Areola Simulation.

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