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Before, After & Fully-Healed Permanent Makeup

"Now, remember - this is not what it will look like when your permanent makeup is fully healed. In two months, It'll lighten and soften and it will look more natural," says Deanna to ALL of her clients after their permanent makeup has been completed.

The reason she tells her clients this is because there is a dramatic difference from when the permanent makeup is first completed to when it is fully healed - roughly two months later.

Permanent Makeup takes roughly two months to fully heal. That's when the true color will set in.

The accompanying photos of a client show what you can expect when having a permanent makeup procedure done by Deanna Lien - along with the timeframe.

Immediately after the procedure, it's possible that your permanent makeup may be a little too dark and somewhat harsh. (You may also be slightly swollen and slightly red). However, the permanent makeup has to be applied roughly 20% darker initially, as it will begin to fade approximately 1 - 2 weeks after the procedure is completed, and by the 2-month mark, your permanent makeup should have faded roughly 20%.

Please keep this in mind when you are thinking about having your procedure done!

There are some clients who are concerned about it being too harsh during this two-month healing stage. Deanna works with them and can apply the permanent makeup more conservatively, which will make it less striking and bold. And, if necessary, your permanent makeup can always be adjusted and darkened on your follow-up procedure, if you wish.


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