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Scars Camouflage / Correction - Consultation Needed


Artistry Of Permanent Makeup San Diego offers Permanent Eyebrows EnhancementScar camouflage or scar correction technique has dramatically improved with the development of new techniques and pigments which can almost make the scars invisible.

However, this can only be achieved by a great technician like Deanna who knows how to apply her artistic talents by using various tones and implantation techniques with skill that will make your scars almost invisible.

Permanent makeup is also called dermapigmentation, micropigmentation, or cosmetic tattooing, and is a procedure in which pigment is applied to the dermis of the face or other parts of the body to camouflage or correct scars.

Call Deanna at 858-361-9168 or email her to discuss your scars camouflage / correction treatment or to book your service.